Good news

I imagine there is never a good time to have your computer go out on you but right now was just super bad timing on many levels. So, when my computer wouldn’t boot I left it alone for the night and prayed it would start the next day. When that didn’t happen, I prayed it would start the next day. Nothing. Finally I took it in to get fixed. With the diagnosis being the motherboard I hoped I could pick one up on ebay without breaking the bank, all the while I was still praying, hoping for a miracle, which may sound extreme, I realize there are a lot worse things that could be happening, but I just could not put much money into getting it fixed.

Then one afternoon as I was shopping for motherboards I received an email from Brian (the techie) to stop looking. He’d walked past my computer and decided to try and boot the system himself (someone else had looked at it before). And would you believe it booted up! And instead of buying a new motherboard upwards of $200-$300 he ran some tests and the problem was bad memory instead. Maybe it was misdiagnosed originally. Or maybe it was an answer to my prayers. Either way, to me it was a miracle. One that I am very grateful for.