Gerald + Michelle + Reagan + Ian + Ellie: Family and Children Photographer Asheville

I had such a fun time photographing this beautiful family at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.  As amazing as everyone did at this session, Mom was the winner hands down!  I made her hike through a jungle of briars.  In high heels.  (I still cringe to think of it.)  The first gate we came to was locked, and instead of cutting our losses, we pressed on.  Normal people would have turned around and walked through the beautiful gardens.  I knew the next gate was going to be right there, any minute.  Not so much.  Eventually we made it, with new adventures and memories in tow!

This.  This is the one making me think we need to add a dog to our family line up.  Ellie is well loved and brought lots of smiles.  Love this image of Reagan.
destinee_blau_photography_family_children_photographer_asheville_0026Ian- killing me with that sweet spray of freckles across his nose.  He was up for anything!
destinee_blau_photography_family_children_photographer_asheville_0032Reagan was a total sport too.  Part way through the session he asked if we were about done.  “I only thought we were taking one picture.”  Surprise!  I think he had a good time even if it was more than one picture!
Michelle, you are beautiful!  (Be sure to check out her amazing hiking shoes heels. Worth it!)
This cracked me up that Ian was giving Ellie a noogie.  Fun times.You two are amazing!
Wowza!Thanks so much for a fabulous fall evening with your family!  It could not have been a more perfect evening!