Gap teeth and little rewards (thankyou blogher for title)

I just wanted to give an update from the last entry. Now, where to start?

Avery lost her tooth on Sunday!

So we ran outside for a picture to blog. And then we sat down for lunch and her other wiggly tooth was all over the place. She ran to the bathroom and came back with a bigger gap than I had remembered.

She had lost another tooth! Only this one was really lost.

Not just from it’s home inside her mouth. But actually, truly (gulp),lost.

I don’t do the whole wiggly, bloody, teeth losing thing very well as it is and now her tooth was actually missing? I retraced her steps from bathroom to bathroom frantically scanning the floor with my eyes, bending occasionally to pick up what I thought would save the day but,upon closer examination, found instead a dried cheese stick crumb and then later a piece of a cracker. Avery was hysterical at this point and I was praying that Brittain, aka she-who-eats-everything-off-the-floor, would not find the tooth first. Uuugh! We finally surrendered to the fact that the tooth was never going to be found. I tell myself that it got flushed down the toilet with some of the toilet paper she had stuffed in the gap. (I really do not want to stumble across that tooth in the future.) But how to calm Avery down? Then my brilliant husband came up with the idea of printing the picture where only one tooth was missing so the tooth fairy could clearly see that she had lost not one but two teeth. He convinced her it would work. It did.

Now on to my other update. Knock on wood. Mason has been accident free for 2 days. That in itself is a miracle. But more than that, he has told me every single time he’s needed to use the bathroom. Every single time, folks. What worked? We revamped his reward program. It was as follows:
pee= sticker
poo= chocolate (matchbox car when available)
The new and improved program:
pee= chocolate
poo= chocolate
zero accidents= 1 matchbox car per day.
It has been working like a charm.

Does that make me a bad mother offering my kid a small piece of chocolate every time he uses the bathroom? Maybe. Am I on my hands and knees cleaning up a puddle of pee? Nope. Can I live with that? Definately!
I realize it’s only been 2 days but on the other hand, IT’S BEEN TWO DAYS!!! (Hope posting this doesn’t jinx us somehow.)

Good night!

Post Edit: Can I just tell you what a dope I can be? While doing my nightly blog reading I noticed that one of the blogs on Blogher (see my left hand sidebar) rotation was titled “Gap teeth and little rewards”. I felt compelled to check it out because I am living a parallel life with all the title suggested. So imagine the “duh” smile it brought to my face when I clicked the link and was brought back to my very own blog. Go figure. (And I really like that title Blogher. Thankyou.)