We had such a fun family home evening last night! We went on a berry hunt in our neighborhood. There is an overgrown lot down the street w/ blackberry and black raspberry bushes. A bunch of them got wacked down so there weren’t a ton but we filled a small bowl. Then heading back home we found a mulberry tree. I had never had a mulberry before and they are sooo yummy sweet! Avery was in charge of dessert so she (with a little help) whipped up some vanilla pudding and we topped it with our freshly picked fruit. I envisioned a beautiful photo of our scrumptious dessert for the blog but the berries were disappearing too quickly for me to grab the camera.

Here are a couple of pics though- unrelated.

We are so blessed to have these amazing little people in our home. They each bring something unique to our family and we are so thankful to know we can be together forever!