Countdown is on!

So, in less than 2 weeks (knock on wood) baby #3 will be here. We decided (largely because we don’t have maternity insurance), not to find out what we are having this time around. I can’t believe how okay with that I’ve been. However, it makes it that much harder to try to come up with and narrow down names. We have one girl name we like, which probably means it’s a boy but we’ll see!
Mom will be here next Thursday, Valentine’s Day! Yippee! How did Avery put it… “We all enjoy her!” What a funny girl!
In the meantime the kids and I are spending a lot of time with my feet up watching “yos” as Mason calls them. Including but not limited to, Super Why, Clifford, and an old classic, Sesame Street. We’ve also been reading a bunch and yesterday Avery and I shared a “no fun” game of tag where she hid and I called out different locations where she might be hiding. When I guessed right she’d answer then I’d start counting again. It didn’t last long but seriously, I’m 9 months pregnant and a game of chase does not qualify as “resting” in my book!
Yesterday we closed on our refinance. Awesome rate! Anyway, our bank is right next to a Jersey Mike’s (fabulous sandwiches!) So we met Ryan for lunch before closing. He’d also been home for lunch the day before so Avery wanted to know if “this is what we do now? With Dad’s new job, have lunch together?” We’re so excited for him! Right now he’s so busy, which is a good thing, but I think we’ll really enjoy the flexibility!
This is getting long so I will close (and inspired by Sesame Street…)
This post has been brought to you by the Letter D and the Number 34!
Ha ha.