Christmas- in a word.

If I had to describe Christmas in a word it would be stick-y!

We woke up Christmas morning, not until almost 8 am (bless you children!) And much to Mason’s delight he found 4 tootsie pops tucked in his stocking. Which obviously meant he should have them for breakfast. So he did. 3 of them.

Also pictured above is the infamous Christmas orange. But that comes later. First, there were presents to unwrap:

Even Brittain got caught up in the excitement. She discovered candy canes for the first time and liked both ends equally well although only one end was actually opened.
For breakfast it was waffles smothered in strawberry sauce and/or syrup.

After all the fun and surprises we decided to watch a movie together. Avery was so sweet. She used the treats from her stocking to make each of us a goody cup for the movie. It consisted of 5 orange slices, m&m’s dumped on top of those, 2 tootsie rolls, and one tootsie pop. Mason got a little impatient waiting for the movie so he took his cup to the living room and before I knew it, had devoured all 5 orange slices and was lining the peels in a neat little row- on the floor. Only one cup spilled on the freshly mopped floor- which I didn’t think was too bad considering the sugar intake and hyper overdrive we were experiencing.
All in all it was a magical, beautiful, very sticky Christmas. I hope that yours was too!

ETA: Avery got 2 sets of paint and Mason got one too