Carlie: High School Senior

I forgot how much I LOVE photographing seniors! (Especially senior girls!) It’s so amazing to take images that capture their unique beauty and allow them to see what others see. I was extra excited for Carlie’s session because she is a photographer herself and I had the opportunity to mentor her a bit last year. She also assisted me on a few sessions so she has a special place in my heart! She’s a super fun, amazing high school senior. She’s one of those people that is just so easy to open up to and connect with.
Carlie chose the Biltmore Estate for her session and it was perfect. It was still a little early in the year and we had the place nearly to ourselves! So fun!
Asheville High School Senior_0091Gorgeous! Black and white on the right is a fave!
Asheville senior photographer_0081
We had some fun with the glitter! Then it was time for an outfit change.
Carlie, I loved your session so much! I’m so anxious to hear which school you decide on and I know you’re going to do amazing things, whatever choice you make! So glad to know you and call you friend!