Bringin’ in the New Year with a Bang!

Blau style:

First, Mason took a big ole hit to his mouth. With a toy broom being swung through the air. Very unfortunate timing. It went clear to the nerves and now his tooth is brown. So sad. On the bright side, it is his baby tooth and the injury will most likely not affect his permanant one.

Then tonight Brittain knocked her head in the tub reaching for a letter off the wall and has a small shiner by her eye.

Ryan has been working on a concrete path on the side of the house and killed his back. He’s been limping around like an old man. I think he’s starting to feel a little better?

Avery so far is in one piece and healthy to boot. She has also been working on a New Year’s Resolution, or something…

Oh how this picture makes me laugh. The quality is not great but I had to sneak up on her because I knew she’d flip if she saw me. I was right. In fact, she’ll flip if she sees it here but it is just too funny not to share. She has been changing into “workout” clothes every day after school this entire week. Then she runs around the house, does jumping jacks and some other unrecognizable moves that most definitely increase her heart rate. I just love the sweat band! Maybe instead of reaching for my camera I should reach for my tennis shoes.

Brittain has also been working on a resolution: cultivating new talents

Watch out American Idol.

This may be late for a new year post but I did not even own a 2009 calendar until this past Monday, the 12th. So there you have it.

Is anyone else having weird issues with there html? My pics are showing up as text code until I publish, my option to left, center, or right justify is missing, along with text sizes and my bold and italics aren’t working. I hope I didn’t accidentally mess with something in my html to cause this. Anyone?