Belated “BOO!”

This little dragon has one BIG sweet tooth! After trunk or treating at church he would not let go of his goodie bag. Several people kept asking if he would share a piece. His response, always “no” withouth a moment’s hesitation. Then I asked if Mommy could have one. He put his noggin down in the bag, fished around for a minute while he said “how about….”, then he came up empty handed and without batting an eye said, “no.” Well, at least he thought about it!

She seriously was all of these things. Just this year. That’s why I cannot believe this is the only picture I have of her. Is the tutu familiar?

And this is the only one we have of miss Brittain. She slept through trunk or treat and most of the trick or treating.

This is the cake I made for their little halloween party. (Totally stole the idea from Walmart but I’m still quite proud.) Avery was telling grandma about the party. In her words, she invited, “some new friends, old friends, some community friends.”

Anyway, hope your halloween was super scary and filled with loads of sugar!

By the way, I married a flippin’ genious! Saturday he gave Avery the task of picking up all the walnuts all over the yard and promised a nickel for each one she found. Then he paid her yesterday, $9 (that’s a lot of walnuts). We decided to have a family home evening lesson about tithing. My idea. For a visual aid we demonstrated what 1/10 means using their halloween candy. His idea. Mmm… sweet idea honey! (It took a while to get Mason on board.)