Beckett Family: Family Photographer Asheville

I had the best time with this sweet family over Christmas break.  “Big” Mason (far left, not to be confused with my “little” Mason) reminds me of my younger brothers and we really miss having him around.  When he let me know that he and Liza, his amazing wife, would be in town and wanted to do a portrait session for his parents for Christmas I was all in!  It was so much fun!Where it all started.  Dan wasn’t overly excited about having to be in these pictures but by the end I’d won him over.  A family portrait session with me is not painful.  I promise!  Anne, you are beautiful!
Loved the laughter and the quiet moments.
Gorgeous Momma!

One of my faves.Gosh, I love you two together!

Can’t you just hear Susan’s amazing laugh?  Ali and Derek are getting married this year!  Are you kidding me with that look!?Finally got this little guy to open up!  Every ridiculous move, song, animal noise was totally worth it!Love!
Growing up with all brothers, I felt totally at home here.Derek is using what he learned from his pictures with Ali on his poor unsuspecting brothers.It was awesome!Good looking crew Mom and Dad!
After the session was over, I really just wanted to stay and hang out. Obviously.The girls were much easier to photograph! Haha!
Anne with her girls.  Finally!Friends, it was so great to meet you and spend some time photographing your beautiful family!  Let’s do it again sometime!