Asheville Family Photographer: Skroski Style

I felt unbelievably old while I was processing this session.  I’ve known this family for Forever. And I just can’t believe how grown up everyone is on the other side of the lens, ya know?  In real life I know they (we’ve) all gotten older, I just didn’t really notice until I was looking at the images from the session.  Geez!  And Cody’s married.  And Carley is married and a mom.  What the?

Anyway, it was such a blast hanging out with the entire Skroski tribe!

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This next image is the result of a very, uh, humbling experience for me.  It’s a total outtake but I crack up every time I see it.  I was backing up, trying to catch a moment between these two (they were playing some hand slapping game).  The next thing I knew I was flat on my butt.  I totally fell.  But, hey, I never stopped shooting- and that’s really the important thing, right?  Ha!

If only that was the worst (most embarrassing thing) that has ever happened to me at a session…