Asheville Birth Photographer: A Birth Story

I have so many favorite moments from this birth.  There is so much love, laughter, and tenderness. Every time things started getting really hard Mama would switch from “No” to “Yes, yes, yes”, or “this is good, good job baby” and it was amazing to see how she was able to work through the pain and fear.  Women are strong!  Her support team was incredible too and there are so many sweet words of encouragement throughout her labor. I’ve said it before but Chama is a miracle worker.  Her presence is so calming and encouraging.  I love hearing the Dr. tell Corina “you’re in charge”.  Brad was a rock but also so gentle.  Watch for the “high five” moment after baby’s arrival and he’s back in Mom’s arms with Dad right there, after the vitals- it totally melts my heart.


Corina and Brad, you two are an incredible duo and wonderful parents.  Thank you again for welcoming me in.  To Chama and Homegrown Babies, can’t wait to do more of this!

I’m so excited to be offering Birth Story Videos this year.  Please contact me if you’re interested in more information.