As it turns out…

I’m not really good at multi-tasking. I thought multi-tasking came with the territory, kind of like a perk. I’m a woman. I’m a wife. And a mother. I really need to be able to multi-task.

The other morning I was at the grocery store, second trip of the day, with 2 small kiddos. As I pushed the cart with one arm while trying to strap in the first kid, I met eyes with someone in line, and smiled while reaching into my purse for the “list” so that I didn’t have to return for a third time. Then I felt and simultaneously heard, thud, thunk-kk, thud and out from under my cart, up pops a very orange, very bright, very hard to miss, rather large Caution- wet floor sign-thing. Line-smiler and I meet eyes again. I was slightly embarrassed but ah well, at least it wasn’t a small child I thumped over!

Here’s another example of multi-tasking gone awry.
This is my made from scratch, raise for an hour, let’s have pizza- it’s Saturday, dough. I stuck it in the oven to rise. Then, when it was done rising I decided to unload the dishwasher while the oven preheated. Only problem was, I didn’t take the plastic bowl that the dough was rising in, out of the oven. And I was so excited about the dishes being unloaded that I decided to also load the dirty dishes that were piled up in the sink. After a while I smelled something kinda funky. The dough! And a blackened dish towel! And my bright yellow plastic bowl, handed down from my Mama, that was just the right size for everything bowl. I reached in and rescued what was left of the bowl.
Then I did what any good homemaker would do. I cut the towel down the middle, because the sides were stuck to the melted plastic. I scooped out the partially cooked dough. I rolled it out on the cookie sheet. Spread some sauce on top, SMOTHERED it in cheese, and prayed that I wasn’t wasting my zucchini as I used it to top the pizza (I’m kind of crazy about zucchini.) Then I stuck it in the oven and crossed my fingers.
My dear husband was concerned about the fumes. I served him another slice and thought “the fumes are the least of our worries at this point”.