As a mom, I’ve learned…

A house with all wood(read laminate)flooring is not good for falling off couches or for learning to walk. But, for racing hotwheels!? They. Are. Awe-some! (Also great fun for sliding in your socks!)

Showers are optional.

Good girlfriends are vital.

So is diet coke.

Time outs are for moms.

How much love and patience my parents actually have for me.

To be grateful for my spouse and for the fact that I’m not doing this alone.

You have to let some things slide. (Knowing this does not make it easier-necessarily.)

Any occasion is a good excuse to make cookies.

To be a respector of sleep.

As a mom, I’ve learned what it means to love and be loved unconditionally. I’ve learned that when I give my heart away it can actually beat outside of my body. And thrive.