Are you a Hannah Montana fan?

We watched Hannah Montana tonight. We just finished up. I realize it’s a school night but we don’t start homework until next week so it still sorta feels like summer vacation, ya know.

I’ll be honest. I’ve been resisting Hannah Montana. Big time. I was blown away at Christmas last year when perusing the aisles and Avery let out a big “Hannah Montana!” squeal as we passed some mumbo jumbo accessory or another with the star plastered all over it. I didn’t know Avery even knew who she was. Slowly, through school and friends Hannah Montana has made her way into my little girl’s heart.

So tonight I broke down and rented the movie. (Ryan had meetings and I can’t be responsible all the time.) There were some really corny parts. Avery loved it. So did Mason. (I’m not too worried. He loves everything his older sister does.)

Avery wanted to know if Hannah Montana was real. So I was explaining how she’s just a character but that Miley Cyrus is real. Of course I had to add,”and isn’t she so much prettier just being herself?”

“Mom, that’s not what I mean. Does she live here? On earth?”
I assured her it was true. She was giddy. Then later in the movie when “The Climb” came on Avery couldn’t contain her excitement, “I’ve heard this on the radio. She really is real!” It was great.

Several times throughout the movie, chair-couch-floor was abandoned because the temptation to get up and dance was just too much. And I’ll be darned if Mason didn’t know most of the words as well as Avery. It was so much fun! Even Brittain got in on the moves.

Afterwards everyone was super tired. Not one single fuss was made about it being bed time. Also, Avery really, really, really, really wants a Hannah Montana CD. I told her maybe she could do some extra chores and earn some money to buy one. She’s even excited about that.

So I’m thinking, maybe Hannah Montana isn’t so bad after all.