And then things went south…

My Grandpa used to say, “the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut was two weeks.” Boy, I wish that was the truth. You can see my matronly teacher hair-do here. It was a big improvement from the lifeless mop that adourned my head prior to this cut but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Enter haircut #2. (You can read about haircut #1 here.)

I decided on a fun/funky little salon in downtown Asheville when I just couldn’t handle my hair for one more minute. My stylist was a cute young girl with a darling hat on. (Maybe not a good sign.) But she wore it well. Her shirt was see through. I don’t know that that is relevant to this post, but there you have it. She was very quiet. Fine by me. (Especially while having my hair washed.)

Now for some pictures that crack me up. Apparently self portraits is not my forte.

So Avery humored me: (I cannot believe I’m actually posting this one.Bleh.)

I did not want to go short and not love it. And I did not love it. Enter haircut #3. Back to above mentioned salon. Same girl. No hat this time. I liked the hat. Shirt- not transparent. That was better.

“I just need a little something. Still.” I said.

I’m thinking when I tried to explain what I didn’t like about the cut something got lost in translation…

And what she heard was, “please-just take a big chunk out. Right there. I won’t be needing that.”

And see, if I hold my head just so and tilt my chin down just a bit, you can hardly notice it. Right? Just nod.

Nothing like a bad haircut to bring out the vanity.

And also, I bought a hat!