All Manners Out the Window

If you have kids, or you’ve ever eaten with kids, or you ever were a kid you’ll know what I’m talking about. A drip of dinner spills on the table. It seems, at least in this household, no matter how many times instructed otherwise, that it is perfectly acceptable to lick whatever spilled, directly from the source. Tongue on table. Oh, you dipped your elbow in your bowl? No problem. Stretch, bend, lick to your little heart’s content. Don’t worry about what this does to my appetite. I really wasn’t hungry anyway.

Which brings me to this morning. The morning all my manners flew out the window. We’re having some friends over for dinner tonight so I started some Garden Fresh (or not) Tomato soup this morning. As I was transferring the soup from pot to crockpot I decided to pour myself a bowl for breakfast. (It’s that good!) I was oh so careful not to spill. As I was cleaning things up I bumped my bowl and like 4 spoonfuls spilled onto the counter. I almost said a bad word. Not for the little mess but the wasted soup. (It’s that good!) In the end I just could not bring myself to waste even a drop of that soup. I leaned down closer to the “tragedy”. After making sure no one else was watching, I licked that soup right off the counter.
Well, almost. I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that either. I compromised. Instead I dipped my finger, licked, and then repeated the process until the entire little heavenly puddle was “cleaned” up. You might think I’m crazy -but only if you haven’t had this soup.