Adieu Binky, Adieu

Yeah, right.

Day 1 started off like any other typical morning in these parts with Brittain contentedly talking, singing, or hollering around her binky (pacifier). Mostly happy as a clam. Throughout the day she enjoys emptying every cupboard she can reach or climb to. Especially the Tupperware and canned good items. Occasionally she will put things into those same cupboards. A shoe, the now overdue library book, her binky. So I wasn’t overly concerned when evening approached and there was no binky to be found. After searching several of her favorite hiding places to no avail and bedtime coming steadily nearer, however, I began to worry. It was Sunday after all so I didn’t want to run to the store. Besides only a few weeks had passed since the last time we had to buy replacement binky’s. Surely we could unearth one somewhere. But no.

Night 1 I resigned myself to the fact that baby (I use this term loosely as she is 19months old and a seasoned nursery goer) would have to go to sleep without her prized possession. We substituted with an extra doggie to snuggle and the routine went on as normal, a story while we rocked, followed by a couple of songs. Then I tucked her quietly into bed. She did not make a peep. Not one. I made my exit.

A while later I could hear her talking and playing quietly in the crib. Not too shabby I thought. (But I forgot to knock on wood.) And right after that little pat on the back is when the noises went from quiet/happy to loud/angry. And that continued. Until after 10. And because she is not an only child I, against my better judgement, got her out of bed. She finally passed out sometime after midnight. Only to be awakened again when the phone rang at 3:30 am. She then woke up every hour or so after that and in the saddest cry you’ve ever heard asked for “Binky?”

Day 2 I headed straight for the binky aisle at Walmart. Call me weak. I bought a two-pack that we ripped open right away and another one I stashed for a rainy day. We are not ready to give up the binky. Although she’ll only get it for naps and bedtime (and “maybe when I’m on an important phone call and she’s whining”- that was Avery’s idea). I decided we should ease into it rather than go cold turkey.

Any tips you can share for weaning of a pacifier? For once I’m ready.

With Mason we cut off the tips and that helped. He even threw them away himself. Of course, with him, I was ready.