A Simple Wish

My three year old son wants a Nutcracker for Christmas. I have no idea why. He asked for a Nutcracker for his birthday actually but they are a little hard to find. In July! I thought surely he’d forget about it and move on to more, uhh, exciting things, but every time I ask him what he wants his face lights up and he replies, “a Nutcracker. And some candy.”
So Santa, if you’re reading this…

(I sure hope he’s not disappointed. Because really, what can you do with a nutcracker? It’s hard to find one these days that actually cracks nuts.)

In other news, we got dumped on yesterday. 11 inches of snow. (It’s been 16 years since they’ve seen that much snow in these parts.) Crazy!
Avery and Mason loved it. Brittain stood in the driveway crying, “scary, scary.” And while it’s fun for a day or two, it is definitely not something I miss from back home!