A Mason Post

Back before the dog days of summer were gone, Avery, Mason, and I were reading books on the deck. The kids were taking turns answering questions. The rhyming page was a piece of cake. So was the counting. Then we came to the “opposites” page, illustrated of course. Avery was first. I said up. She said down. Next came hot and cold. I said hot. Pause. “Mason, your turn.” Nothing. Pointing this time, to the picture of fire, I said hot. “Ice cream,” he hollered, proud as punch. It was in fact a picture of an ice cream cone. E for effort. Guess we’ll be working on opposites next.

Hard at work, practicing letters.

We were strolling downtown one day near Pritchard Park. There was a sign that read,”Please do not feed the birds. It will cause a rodent infestation.” That very day I saw squirrels dipping in to the bird feeder on our deck for the first time. Squirrels kind of trip me out. Mason had a great solution. “Let’s make a stop sign for the squirrels!” Awesome. If they can read the sign maybe they can help Mason learn his opposites too!

Mason had a birthday. (See how super excited he is that he got a granola bar for his birthday?!) He’s four. He can do all kinds of things now. His new talents, according to him, include, but are not limited to:
-swallowing broccoli without plugging his nose
-eating his bread crust
-peeing standing up (he’s especially proud of this one. His dad might be too- he was afraid I had created a “sitter”)
-jumping on one foot

That’s a lot to accomplish overnight.That’s how it seemed to happen. I’m learning that’s the way it is with kids.

Today was Mason’s 4 year checkup. I had to fill out a questionnaire to track his skills. One section had questions for him and I had to write down his response. The first question read, “What do you do when you are hungry?” Then it listed appropriate answers, have a snack, eat something… Mason’s response, “Say a prayer.” So cute. Question number two, “What do you do if you are tired?” He answered with, “Read a story.” He has the routine down.

Is this “summer” or what? This picture cracks me up every time I see it.

Mason- with your freckled nose and sparkling eyes, just when I think it’s impossible to love you anymore you prove me wrong again and again. I’m so glad you’re my boy!