A Graduation Post: Could she be any brighter?

Just kidding. (My flash batteries were dying so I ended up with some super bright pics when the flash was charged and some really dark ones when it wasn’t. Grr…) Moving on, we love Mrs. Langefeld. She is so good at what she does and she made Kindergarten a super fun place to be.
The kindergartner’s did a great job on their program. I loved these pictures of Avery. She was so embarrassed to get up on stage! Once the music started though she got into it.

After the songs we went back to Avery’s classroom and she read some stories she had written and illustrated. Then Mrs. Langefeld gave each of her students an award.

Mrs. Langefeld was announcing, “this next award goes to someone who is a friend to everyone. No matter what table she is at or what center she is working in, this person just always gets along with whoever she is with.” Then several kids started whispering, “Avery. That’s Avery.” And it was. Avery was awarded “Best Friend to All”.

I was down right proud. (On a side note, I’d really like to see Lawrence’s artwork because his award was “Best Illustrator” and it must be pretty impressive because for a split second I thought that one was going to Avery.) Where was I… oh yes, proud. I was down right proud. Then Ryan pointed out that she must get that from him. After all, he was “Most Conscientious Boy in room 22” when he was her age.

Kayla, Avery, Mrs. Pfeiffer (we love her too!), and Jackson

Avery and Beatris

Beatris is Avery’s best friend from school. She only lives 4 houses up the street, making play dates very convenient!

It amazes me to see all that Avery has learned. I’m blown away that she is already doing math. Story problems even. My favorite part though is listening to her read. So fun! We all loved Kindergarten. Minus the part about having to be somewhere by 7:50 am five days a week. Not going to miss that. But now we are so looking forward to summer vacation! Hopefully week one, which consisted of sick kids and flooding toilets, is not a foreshadowing of things to come.