A Drive down Memory Lane

First Offense

Many, many years ago when my driver’s license was still a novelty, my parents headed out of town leaving my 3 brothers and myself with Grandma C. Only like, the best Grandma. Ever. It was such a fun weekend, filled with Rummikub and SkipBo (pronounced skip-boo by Grandma).

I remember getting off work and taking the scenic route back to Grandma’s. Which included driving past her house to Fred Meyer’s to see if a certain boyfriends car was in the employee parking lot. Just for kicks. I don’t remember now if it was or not but that is hardly the point of this post. Perhaps I should have just left that detail out. Moving on…

So I was fly-driving. Listening to my music. Loud. Singing. Loud. And busting a move from my seatbelt up. And just not paying attention in general. Which explains how I missed the police car, including the siren, which apparently was not as loud as my music, and the red and blue flashing lights. I finally took notice of those when I parked the car in my Grandma’s driveway and happened to glance up at the rearview mirror. It turned out to be a good thing the officer had to follow me home because I soon discovered that I was driving without my driver’s license. He allowed me to run inside and grab the license but then I had to sit in the back of his car. Behind the bars, while he wrote out a ticket that said something about going 50 in a 35. Could have been worse. He could have given me a citation for dancing while driving blindly.

Oh, did I mention that my aunt and uncle lived directly across the street from Grandma? They both came running across the street to see what was wrong. Let’s just make this a family affair, shall we? I remember wanting to crawl in a hole.

That was my first run in with the law. What’s your story?

Click to read Inkmom’s too-long-to-comment-(hilarious) encounter with the law (part 1). Can’t wait for part 2! I am laughing so hard!

And you can read Beckii’s here. Also funny. I’m so glad we can look back and laugh although the moment was mortifying.

And this has nothing to do with the above post but I finally posted some pics of my kids here. And they do not have diapers on their heads. Yay!