A Boy’s Best Friend

No, we did not get Mason a puppy! Although he would love it. Yesterday we were at Leslie’s and her neighbor Barb let her little dog out and Mason was in heaven! He chased Rocko forever and wanted to hold/ride him. (It’s a teeny dog.) Once Rocko jumped up and Mason’s binky fell out. Mason gave that dog the evil eye and said, “No! Mine.” Wish I’d had my camera. So funny to watch!
Back to the post on hand…
When Mason can’t find a binky it’s like his best friend just died. I’m hanging on to it for now- mostly for bed and nap. I feel mean not letting him have it when Brittain has one. I’ll be more concerned when he hits 2 yrs. for now this just makes him sooo happy!

Sometimes he’ll be sucking on his binky and ask for it. When I tell him it’s already in his mouth he just does a little laugh. Silly boy!