3 and counting…

I’m quickly remembering that age three is not a favorite of mine. So much harder than two. It’s the age when naps no longer make a regular appearance whether needed or not. (And believe me, they are needed!) The age where indecision and independence collide.

But it’s not all bad. I still get glimpses of my favorite little guy. And he slows down enough for a cuddle now and then.

We celebrated Mason’s birthday first with the Blau side and the next week at my parents. My grandparents came over as well so I told Mason to tell them how old he was. “I’m four,” he answered confidently. I reminded him he was actually only three. “We just had your birthday, remember you turned three?”

His response, “But, I’ve already been that.” He figured he turned 3 the week before, it only made sense that now, since he was celebrating again, he must be 4.

I can’t imagine my life without you in it, Mason. One of your favorite things to do is make people laugh and you are very successful at that. You are a such a sweet brother. I love you like crazy little man!

Quick story:

For months Mason would say his prayers and pray for Jesus to come to our house. One day we’d pulled into the church parking lot and I was talking to him about which friends he might see in nursery… Van, Jared, Lily. He interrupted, “And Jesus.” The conversation took a turn when he said, “Look, see his car!” I looked to where he was pointing and saw Brother Jevne, with his brown hair falling below his ears, step out of his car. It was so sweet and funny at the same time.