3 and counting (part II)

Not too long ago I wrote this post titled 3 and counting…, wherein a few of my readers thought I was announcing another baby but instead it was a celebration of 3 yr. old’s birthday. Those readers may have been on to something but my suspicions had not yet been confirmed. And while I was playing on words with little proof I was totally hoping it was true. Which may be crazy- some days I can barely handle the 3 kids we’ve already been blessed with.

Never the less,(wow, where did that come from?) after weeks of being sick as a dog (that expression always kills me) and jumbling through extreme, exaggerated (more than normal) tiredness it has been confirmed. Baby #4 is on the way. I’m super excited. The kids are too but I think that’s mostly because that means Grandma(s) will come to visit (we hope!) Ryan is acclimating to the idea. I think. Right, hon?
(For clarification, he’s acclimating to the idea of another baby, not that the grandmas are coming. He’s definitely good with that.)

Baby is not due until the end of April/beginning of May. Which is going to seem like a really, really long time to Mason. And probably to myself by then. In the meantime, I am feeling much better. Hallelujah! And I do not feel guilty, even a little bit, catching a nap with the kiddos every chance I get. (Except for when Ryan comes home for lunch and I’m zonked out on the bed. Again. With dishes and laundry piling up everywhere. But believe me, those things will wait. And Mason only had to go commando once for a couple of hours so that’s not too bad, right?)